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You may view the current public outreach plan HERE.

Outreach History

Previous outreach and public engagement efforts were conducted for people who lived within the 16-mile project area and included community engagement within affected communities near the proposed bridge replacement area.The Department hosted three public meetings throughout the study process to gather feedback on the overall I-80 project. In addition, the Department mailed questionnaires to owners and occupants of residences that would potentially be displaced by the proposed bridge replacement. Surveys were also mailed to residents within three to four blocks of the proposed bridge replacement. Residents and stakeholders in the affected community surrounding the bridge replacement area were invited to provide input on the project’s effects at two community outreach meetings held in June and September 2019. A focused neighborhood community meeting was also held in July 2019. Additional opportunities to provide input were provided at a public hearing held for the environmental assessment in November 2019 and during the designated public comment period for the environmental assessment.


Project Timeline

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Why is additional outreach required?

The Department recognizes there would be disproportionately high and adverse effects to your community as a result of bridge removal and replacement. In addition to the direct impacts to property owners and tenants where property would need to be acquired, the project would result in temporary and permanent changes to the local street network, temporary construction impacts and detours, and noise level changes and temporary construction vibration impacts. The project is also anticipated to change the visual character of the area, reducing the size of adjacent communities and altering the visual character due to the new bridge location, property acquisition, and potential noise walls. We appreciate any early participation and input you may have provided in the past on this important project. To more fully identify the effects of this projecton community quality of life and to develop appropriate measures to address these impacts, the Department must understand, and document all concerns youmay have about the impacts of this project. This includes but is not limited to obtaining input on changes to access and travel patterns, safety concerns, specific relocation needs and circumstances, changes to community cohesion and impacts to the community, and any other concerns. The concerns of all affected community members must be considered.

Community Input is Important!

Community input helps the project team understand potential impacts so that the best possible outcome for an improved community and traffic flow isachieved.The Department is interested in understanding how the proposed project impacts YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY and how they might be able to mitigate or reduce the burden of those impacts to your neighborhood. Depending on the construction impacts or permanent impacts identified, the input you provide will help The Department determine if and what mitigation or enhancements are appropriate.In addition to questionnaires, the Department will be holding a series community partner meetings through this outreach process to share input received fromthe community on the scope and extent of impacts, to discuss potential solutions, and to finalize measures to minimize impacts to the surrounding community. The Department will be sharing meeting notes and summaries from those community partner meetings through the website and distributing information to the community as these meetings take place.

Community Partner Meeting Materials

Recent Community Partner meetings were held in July and October 2020, and we encourage everyone to review the following meeting materials for further details on our community engagement and outreach efforts in addition to community input gathered to date. 

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